The Many Benefits of Metal Roofs

The Many Benefits of Metal Roofs

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Metal roofs first appeared in the 3rd Century B.C. in Shri Lanka as copper shingles.  The designing of metal roofs is done differently today as in the R-Panel roof used for both residential and commercial buildings, corrugated roofs often found on outbuildings and barns, and the architectural standing seam installed for water tightness. For metal roofing mesa az has excellent places to find the right metal roofing for your next construction project.

Types of Metal Roofing

There are five metals used in roofing. Copper gets strong benefits from its long-lasting properties, but has a weakness in its low melting temperature and softness. Zinc is very long lasting but has a very low melting temperature. Steel comes in three treatments: galvanized, Corten or weathering steel and Galvalume. Aluminum is very resistant to salt water corrosion and is very long lasting. Tin lost its popularity with the advent of aluminum roofing.

The Most Recyclable Roof is a Copper Roof

They have used copper for roofing for centuries. A copper roof lasts well over 200 years and after it has outlived its usefulness as roofing, they can recycle it.  One benefit of having a copper roof is its softness making it a very quiet roofing material.  A metal roof is a good choice unless you live in a hail prone region.  Hail can dent in a copper roof.  Copper roofing has two other negative traits: it expands and contracts a lot and is expensive.The expansion and contraction is easy to control with shingles or panels, but the expense is a constant.

The Best Qualities of Metal Roofs

Metal roofs are durable. While noisy when it rains, they shed snow easily when it lands on your home in areas that receive heavy snowfalls.  They can resist extreme damage from falling tree limbs, so on southern homes prone to falling trees, this could be a life saver. In areas prone to wildfires, metal roofs don’t burn.  A metal roof makes a difference if homes are catching fire because of burning debris flying from home to home.  Monticello, Thomas Jefferson’s home still has its original metal roof – metal roofs are durable and long lasting.

New Metal Roofing Materials

Zinc coats today’s steel roofs and it’s then sealed for corrosion protection. These same roofs often get a durable coat of paint. Another finish is an epoxy coating is followed by a baked-on acrylic.  These extra steps add protection to the roof. In commercial applications, steel roofing material is often coated with Kynar, a fluorocarbon coating, a durable paint finish.

Metal roofs have come a long way since their first use centuries ago.  Now metal roofs can offer many benefits and have few drawbacks that you should consider. If you are choosing between a traditional roof and a metal roof, remember it is fire resistant, sheds snow easily, resist damage from falling tree limbs, fights corrosion from water and is very durable and long lasting.